Damir x Ben Diggin

Photo courtesy of A11ana

Ben Diggin started diggin for records in high school.  Nearly 20 years later, the passion for flipping through dusty stax of records has yet to wear off.  In his crates you would find a wide range of LPs, 12's and 45's of Hip Hop, Breaks, Reggae, Funk, Rock, Electro, Hi-Energy/Freestyle, Latin-funk, Afro-beat and more.  Growing up in the Central Coast of California (805) his DJ influences ranged from the Beat Junkies, to the Invisibl Skratch Piklz.  He credits Drunk and Bass DJ's from the LA Rave scene such as R.A.W. and CRS to name a few of his early inspirations.  Today he is a founding member and DJ of BoomboxLA which has been a stronghold in the Los Angeles Hip Hop scene for the last decade.  Ben continues to dig for records as he feels it captures a moment in history that simply an MP3 can never create or recreate.


Moon Goon Glow in the Dark

Adapters (pair)


Damir x Beat Swap Meet

Beat Swap Meet

Damir commemorates Beat Swap Meet's 9th anniversary with the release of the Forty5 "Santa Ana Water Tower" adapter.



Santa Ana Water Tower Adapter

(BSM Anniversary Edition)